Friday, January 19, 2007

"I Got a Little Behind in my Work"

So said the Butcher, as he was making hamburger. Ouch!

This has been an interesting year already.

I decided to fix the shower door on the third floor that had caused floor damage beside the tub, and ended up putting in a new shower door assembly because of the broken off screws.

Then I looked more closely at the floor. Rotted to the joists. Rats! So we tore out the floor. The vibrations burst a brass Pex connector back in the wall that had been weakened by our acid water, flooding all three floors. Again.

So I pushed even harder on the company who re-plumbed the fresh water system a couple years ago and they're coming out this next week to replace all the connectors with a non-metallic connector, hopefully before one of the brass ones bursts on it's own.

Since we were fixing floors, we started into the kitchen floor, rotted behind the refrigerator and dishwasher. After scraping off the delaminating vinyl we looked under the sink counter: rotten to the joists. We also figured out that we'd have to cut up the counter to remove it, and couldn't replace it.

Retreat and refigure.

I'm lucky to have caught the cabinetmaker at a slow point, and am the first in line in his next work cycle. He'll have the base cabinets done in two weeks, and doors ready a week later. The internet gave me great info on appliances, and the local dealer met the lower internet prices.

We'll put vinyl in the hall and laundry room and maybe in the breakfast room, all of which need to be cleaned out of furniture and storage cabinets before the men start next week. To do that means that I'll have to clean the basement and sheds so I can move stuff in those areas.

So, for lack of a screw my kitchen will be renovated.

Did I mention the roof has to be replaced? That's another story.