Monday, March 31, 2008

Road Trip! Road Trip!

Yes, We're going on a TRIP!   
GT wants to dip her toes into the bigger world, and Momma can't let her go alone.  Well, it isn't quite like that, but...  Angie couldn't go.
We leave right after her last stint in Brooklyn, on the 27th of May. I pack her out and store the stuff on the farm on the 23rd, and we run to DC and jump the flight to Beijing, then Kyoto, Bali, Bangkok, Angkor Wat, Chieng Mai, Kathmandu, Delhi, Vienna, and home.  We'll stay about two days in each place and travel on the third day.  I'm hoping for Bed and Breakfast type places to stay, and daily tours. We return on 20 June.  GT starts work on the 23rd... no apartment and a rental car... OMG!
I figure I'll be de-toxed from my Diet Coke addiction by the time I return, and sore from all the hard beds Asia is famous for.  The sacrifices we make for our children... Sigh.  Angie, I REALLY wish you'd said Yes!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Much Water Under the Bridge: Where to start?

  • Sam's had a heart valve replaced and is still in the local rehabilitation center regaining his strength. I'm at a loss without him; like a rudderless boat.
  • I'm down to 6 hives, and may lose one of those, due to my neglect of them during last Fall's drought.
  • BG has planted the spring garden... with her wages I'd be waaaaay ahead buying on the retail market!
  • Against all odds, GT was matched to the Medical College of Richmond, VA and will be a Resident there for 3 years. We are thrilled they see so much promise in her. She has worked very hard to get the priviledge of working harder!
  • The single woman who rented the Bondurant House ( got a chance to move, and we are hoping that the lovely couple who just looked at it will move in mid-April, on a five year lease. 
  • It's a good thing we upgraded the house when we did; we couldn't afford it today, due to the added costs of shipping. 
  • Our utility bills are the same, despite the drop in usage, due to fuel cost increases.
  • Macks, our beautiful German Shepherd adds to our pleasure every day. He charms everyone he meets with his calm demeanor and lovely manners.
  • We watch the Nieces and Grand-children grow daily; wait for the new crop to emerge, and... 
  • We count our Blessings every day.