Tuesday, August 18, 2009

High Summer

Some of the trees are starting to lose their leaves; a few red leaves have been showing in the last few weeks. Summer has peaked and is tapering off. The beehives are getting ready for the winter.
It's time to plant the fall crops that will enjoy the cool fall weather: crucifers, peas, greens, beets, etc.
Corn came in a week ago and now the stalks are bare. We had a bumper crop of beautiful well-filled ears, and I foundered myself processing it all. I canned 7 quarts, but didn't like the caramelization that I saw, since it takes 85 minutes at 10# pressure to can corn. So I've frozen the rest.
We're going to be covered in late tomatoes, and still have oodles in cans in the basement. Luckily this is a poor year for tomatoes, and most have blight of one sort or another. I've eaten so many that my appetite for them has diminished.
Potatoes, both sweet and white, are yet to be dug.
Melons have had too much rain and most have started rotting before ripening, but we've eaten some. OK, but...
This has been a bean year. We can't use any treatments, but have wonderful soil, from the horse manure. The Green Beans have no bugs, and are producing heavily and continuously. There's no telling when they'll stop.
Lima Beans are just starting to get ripe, and might give us a meal soon. They are Thorogreen, bush type, but in this perfect bean year they are sending out runners up to eight feet! I've never seen the like. We'll have a huge crop from them. Luckily one of my bee friends has a lima bean shelling machine. I already have blisters from corn processing!
The peppers have not done as well as I'd like, but the eggplants are just starting to get to picking size. What do I do with eggplant? Any ideas!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Let us count our large blessings: Love, Health, Family, Friends, Resources (enough to pay our bills).

We are all gasping at the price rises at the grocery store, and appreciative that the gasoline and heating oil prices have subsided.
Thanks to the powers-that-be for these small favors.

We are planning for a garden this year... not big, but necessary. We're lucky to have the land and time.

I have two hives, rescued from a family who lost their bee-keeping father unexpectedly. I'm scheduled to get more this spring. Our Bee Group is thriving, and even growing.

We're puppy-sitting an adorable Airedale, 8-weeks old. He is the new baby for my adored nieces, S & A. Their Mom is a real Hero for taking on a baby-dog during Christmas. Wow!

We were delighted to see the new babies. Cecelia is on the East Coast now, so closer; Sophia came to visit at Christmas; Katelyn has almost outgrown her babyhood. They all take after their lovely Mothers! The generations roll on...

GT continues to work at her beloved Profession. Her work hours stagger me, and this is at a very humane Residency Program. Her Attending Physicians are mostly good, and interested in teaching the next generation of Doctors; however the behavior of a few is beyond appalling! Two and a half more years. This is subsidized volunteerism so she can learn as much as possible.