Sunday, March 25, 2007

The work goes on, and On, and ON...

I really thought the kitchen would be done in two weeks. Yes, I know. How I deluded myself and poor Sam.

It doesn't help that the cabinet maker had to remake five of the doors, nor that I had to have him trim out the kitchen so the trim and cabinets would match. The cabinet maker has gone on to other jobs in his shop, but sends a guy over once a week to do a bit more. Poor guy. He's very apologetic. I'm simmering. I won't pay the rest of the money until they're completely done. I still have my living room full of boxes of food, because they're still making sawdust in the cabinets.

I'm trudging along with the taxes, while watching the bee hives make swarm preparations and the spring pass in a blur.

RJ, CC, and MR keep working on the house. So far we have replaced the brass connectors in the fresh water system, due to corrosion from the 'aggressive' water we have. It's high acid and high mineral and makes lace out of metals. The copper piping we pulled out was very fragile. We have replaced almost all of the spigots and tub faucets. This week we'll finish that work. RJ made the mistake of sending me in to get new tub faucets, and I got the single handled pressure adjusting ones. That's been an education for him and the boys. I've never seen them read directions before. They aren't sending me to town for stuff anymore!

RJ also worked on the drainage around the house, to keep the flooding in the basement down. He used his dowsing skills to locate the underground drains for the downspouts. I was very skeptical, but it works for him. They were clogged up. Now they're open there was only a damp spot after this last rain, instead of a bold creek running out the door.

They've put ceiling fans in the rooms that have little air circulation and repaired the shower that had cracked tiles. Surprisingly we found the green tile that was saved from the original tiling of that bath. It's one of those unmatchable greens. All the baths will have grab bars in the showers and next to the toilets, if possible. We installed higher toilets for our aging knees. We've also put lights in the dark places, especially the stairs.

Much still needs to be done: refinishing and reinstalling the old cabinets in the back hall, the metal sheds need to be coated to stop their deterioration, new carpeting throughout the house, and a long list of other stuff.

Sam's middle son visited for a week, and made himself welcome. I don't remember having such an easy guest in a long time. He and Sam took Macks, our shepherd, for long run twice a day, and for short walks several times a day. We're hoping he'll come back to visit soon.