Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Macks (Max) is home again

Our Max is home again.  He ran with his Lady Love, Nala, and swam the swollen Appomatox.  She swam back and he was wise enough not to risk the river a second time.  Luckily the Cumberland County Animal Control men saw him and took him, soaking wet, back to the pound.  John Sullivan recognized him from 8 years ago when he ran with deer dogs.  They read his chip.
A very nice couple saw Max and the Pound-men and called Karla Wilson, our niece, at Trueheart Kennels, and then called us.  Karla posted it on Facebook about the time we called the Cumberland pound.
We talked to Mr Sullivan just as he was about to look up Max's chip number.  He told us he knew it was Max and we could come get him, reminding us about the incident long ago.  He didn't charge us for picking Max up and even said he'd meet us at the Bridge into Farmville to deliver Max!  Of course, knowing how tight their budget is we drove out to get him and made a donation.
Max is still pining after Nala, but they're both grounded!  After a few week things will get back to normal, and they can run the fields again, but I pray they stay closer to home.  She's just a teenager, so she takes more risks than I'd like, but I hope he'll be wiser than this last time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Max was found by Animal Control in Cumberland County, VA Thanks to all of you!