Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bees are OK

The bees are building up or maintaining. I treated the ones that had EFB again, twice. That makes three treatments. Some have recovered and taken off, if the other's don't respond I'll have to do something drastic. I think that the old comb I have is spreading the disease. I'm segregating it for removal.
The woman who came to look at bees is very nice, but probably needs to go into it slowly. She got a little concerned when they started flying. I made sure she didn't get stung... she left, and I finished going through the rest of the hives: one apiary a day. Too many to do in a day, especially these hot days. Yesterday I released a queen that I'd caged because the workers were balling her. I had caged her and joined her small hive with a queenless hive next to it. I released her into the lower, larger hive four days after the join-up.
I need to go back in today and finish the third treatment for the some remaining hives. Thank goodness for my pencil notes on the sides of the hives; writing in a notebook and referring to it is too cumbersome.

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Angela said...

Susi! I saw your note on my blog so naturally I had to mosey on over and check out yours. I am (was) a beekeeper too! Sorry to hear about your EFB, but at least it's not AFB! We are preparing to relocate soon, so I gave my two hives to a friend who wanted to get started with it. I can't wait till we settle back down south somewhere to get some more bees! Anyway, I loved reading your blog, especially the story about the African school. I'll be back by your blog often. thanks!