Friday, December 16, 2005


I’m thinking of doing a portable beekeeping library to carry to the meetings and let folks check out books. I have a step by step booklet on queen rearing which I think my fellow beekeepers would like to borrow.

I used a stethoscope to listen to my hives today (Friday- 48F so far). Most of them in the sun were flying. The ones I knew were weak were still alive, according to the hum I heard through the box walls. Mine aren'’t taking down any feed. This time last year they were all still taking down HFCS and brooding. This year they had no brood in October, except for the weakest one, which had a small patch.

Sledding & “Grown-up": Maturity is facing responsibilities, doing what you need to do, unpleasant or not. You can sled and clown around all you want and still be grown-up! When you're young is the time to experiment, and learn by failure/success. When you have youngsters/oldsters depending on you, you won’t have the latitude of your youth. When I see a fine young man working to improve himself it makes me proud to be his friend.


A.Run said...

hey Susi thanks for coming over to my place. I'll have to book mark you too.

Hey I used to live in Centreville, is that somewhere near you?

Phang said...

Hope it is OK to post this here -- let me have it if not!

Thank you for your comment on December 22! You basically made my day. It was also good to get some reassurance regarding the quality of the handling of the bees this year. There are lots (a few dozen, a few hundred, not sure...) of dead bees now, and I am so terribly worried. It really takes time to get a grip on the state of things, you probably know. Being a perfect student and bookworm just won't get you there, bee-wise, or so it seems.

I will check out the listservers you recommended. I have mostly lurked around on the bulletin boards, but am always searching for other outlets!

Your blog is pretty cool, too (hope it was not freaky to check it out). You probably figured this out, but I am not that far from you. Another female beek I met this year and I sometimes go to the Northern VA ,meetings, though I am a member of a Maryland beekeeping association. Sometimes my husband and I run away to the Shenandoahs for a getaway weekend.

Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you and yours are delighted and well this holiday season. Let's just hope the bees are too! :-)