Thursday, February 02, 2006

Down Two: 18 left

I found two hives that had dwindled and died. I now have 18 hives, two of which might still die. The girls were not happy to have their hives opened to put in the pollen patties! They told me so in unmistakable terms. Finally, I brushed them off my ankles and wound duct tape around my socks. Relief. Think of all the bees I saved from a kamikaze death. I still smushed too many by opening the hives. Woe.
I hope the addition of the pollen patties outweighs the bee's deaths. Some folks say that the bees prosper in spite what we do. It could be that my adding the pollen patties, breaking the seal of propolis that keeps the wind out, will cause enough of a heat loss that a weaker hive will die.
After the rain that is predicted for the next few days, I'll go back into the hives and give them more syrup. If I see a chance in between showers I may do it tomorrow.
Meanwhile, back to taxes.

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