Saturday, April 15, 2006


Cliff Morrow's Blog about 'Farm Monopoly" got me thinking. What do I hope for from life:
Enough resources to sustain my family
Work that makes me glad to get up and satisfied when I go to bed
A stable environment that doesn't interfere with the above

Think about those things that you hope your life will give you. On your deathbed, what will you be glad you did, and what will you wish you could still do?

Are experiences, such as seeing the world, important to you? Is accumulating enough for retirement or leisure important, or are these necessities? What is the purpose of education: Brain food, a means of achievement, a way to find work? What gives you more satisfaction: internal or external things? How do your emotions affect your life: all consuming or just feedback? Is your life a voyage or is the destination more important? How does your family affect you (both nuclear and extended), are they just window dressing or the center of your life. When riding in a car (train, etc) do you look out or in?


Triplet Dads said...

those are some great questions. Someone important once told his people not to store up their riches on earth. pretty clear message but it is something most people can't resist.

Jules said...

Happy Easter, Susie. I hope you are having a wonderful day with Sam in the beautiful Virginia country-side. I am picking up GT from the airport tonight from her weekend exursion to GND. Thanks for the comments