Sunday, September 23, 2007

Farewell to our Sweet Dustin Frick

Dustin Frick was one of the nicest people I've known. Watching him grow up, I called him Trusty Dusty. He was a peacemaker among the four cousins. He loved his brother, Alex, and was more brother than cousin to William. He was almost Gwin's twin, just 3 days older.

We have so many stories about his escapades. He was always a charmer; sweet talking helped him smooth any troubled waters that came up during his childhood.

His life's journey came to a sudden end on a dark highway. A piece of our hearts died with him. We cry for his unfulfilled promise; We cry for our loss.


Anonymous said...

I went to college with "Frick". was great friends with he and his buddies. I just heard the news today, and it's very sad. he was quite a great guy.

Christina Stone said...

I went to high school with Dustin in Baumholder, he was a great guy and I'm sure that carried on to his adult life. He was always making everybody laugh I wish I could have caught up with him later on in life. I pray for his family a suddon loss of a great life. I'm so sorry. We well always love your Frick!!!! "Watch out for those cold fronts!!" LOVES YA

Anonymous said...

Hey mister dustin frick sir this is matto your bud from baumholder you and deja, we well were our own click. Now that deja aka dj are together in heaven it leads me to belive im next and on my way to hang with my brothers i will see you again and keep deja out of trouble im sure you two home doggs are craking the place up. you will be missed..i had a dream about deja last night...wish you were there..