Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm working non-stop on the itinerary to Asia. It'd be so easy to just call the Travel Agency and say "Book It". But, Noooo! I have to do my own research, etc. Just like I have to figure out my own taxes.
I'm pretty sure we'll go with United Airlines, but getting a response from them is very slow. They're good with taking orders, but this is outside the normal clerk's comfort zone, and they have to send it to the pricing desk. They'll hold the seats for 24 hours, but the pricing desk can't get back to you for 72 hours. Go figure. So, once I get a price, I'll know if I can buy their tickets, or if I need to go somewhere else. I guess this is so you can't compare prices.
I can't book rooms until I have the flights, can't book tours until I know when and where we'll be.
Meanwhile, I can recite the flights in and out of most SE Asian airports: BKK, DPS, CNX, KIX, PEK.

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