Friday, July 06, 2012

Celiac Diagnosis

Yesterday we got the final results of Sam's biopsy:  Celiac damage in his intestine.

So.  Today is 'Fruit basket turnover' day. Research.  Label reading.  Similar to keeping Kosher, Celiac cooking means that the whole house has to become gluten free.  Lots of food I'll try to use for Susan & myself; other I'll give away to BG. Gradually we'll get tight and this will become the new normal.

I have hopes that this will help us all, but time will tell.

I hope that the demeylinating will, at least, halt or slow down.  Time will tell if remyelinating will occur and Sam will be able to walk better.  I've read lots of anecdotal evidence that give me hope, but anecdotes are not data.

Meanwhile my cooking days are starting, again:  Cornbread, Recipe research, etc.

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