Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best Gluten Free Bread (so far)

This recipe from is 2/3 rice flour an 1/3 tapioca starch. (
I used half xanthan gum and half guar gum rather than all xanthan gum and added a teaspoon of psyllium powder. I also used half Expandex and half regular tapioca starch.  I think that the whipping the batter into a 'whipped cream' state was the main reason it has such a tight texture, though the psyllium and split gums may have helped keep the loaves from collapsing.  The recipe almost fills a regular loaf pan, and the rise only adds a little more volume, but the oven spring really jumps it up!  They didn't shrink after cooling, though I did put them on their side for the initial cooling, removed them from the pans and left them in the oven to slow-cool.

This is the best I've done so far. It toasts well and tastes very good.  I'm going to tweak the buckwheat recipe next. (Did 2 more loaves... same great results!)

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