Friday, October 12, 2012

Best Gluten Free Rice Bread

Dry Ingredients (Mix thoroughly):
(You can pre-mix this to have on hand)

2 cups/320g        white rice flour
; prefer Goya Enriched
(can sub another flour: up to 1/2 by Weight)
1 cup/122g         tapioca starch or 1/2&1/2 with Expandex*

½ cup/62.5g       cornstarch 

2/3 cup/45g        powdered dry milk

½ cup/112.5g     sugar
1/2 T                  salt (=1.5 tsp)

Add just before making and mix in thoroughly:
1/2 T                xanthan gum

1/2 T                guar gum*
1 tsp                 psyllium powder*(or Metamucil)
1.5 Tbs            dry yeast 

Liquid (Mix separately and thoroughly):
4/200-230g        eggs, large, beaten well (weigh eggs)

1.5 cups/354g    warm water
3-4 T                  corn oil (It’s still good without)

1 tsp                   vinegar
  • Use a good stand mixer, oven thermometer and instant-read thermometer.
  • Weigh dry ingredients (and eggs) instead of using volume measures!   
  • All ingredients at room temperature.
  • Mix liquids thoroughly and add to thoroughly mixed dry ingredients.
  • Whip until stiff peaks form: 10 minutes (can’t overmix)
  • If it’s too thin to whip properly add a bit more starch.
  • Put into greased regular bread pans.  It will fill the pan.
  • Level with a wet spatula; spray with oil to keep top moist.
  • Let rise until just domed; it will rise a lot in the oven.  If it over-rises it will overflow! Re-mix and replace in the pan to re-rise.
  • Bake 50+ min. at 350 degrees. When making multiple loaves gently rearrange for even baking.
  • Bake until the middle is 205F. If it gets too brown, cover with foil.
  • Close to the end of baking turn it on its side to set the middle. 
  • Remove from the pan and leave in the oven on its other side so it will cool slowly.
  • If thermometer or probe shows a wet interior, leave in oven on 250-300F for a while; retest until drier.
  • Makes good rolls! Cook on parchment or greased pan.
April 2013 Notes:
  • You can substitute almost any other GF Flour for the rice flour up to 1/2 by Weight.  Teff flour makes it 'wheatier'.
  • I haven't yet tried substituting other starches, but you could try the same thing: 1/2 by weight.
  • Expandex may not be necessary. Experiment!
  • Goya brand is the only Enriched Rice flour I have found. Iron deficiency often goes with Celiac.
  • Beating into whipped cream texture is KEY!  See the pictures.
  • Pans with just crisco work well, rarely stick.
  • Don't let it over rise!  It doesn't help the texture.
  • I have had to extend the baking time
  • I've been making 'mixes' of the dry ingredients so I can throw together a couple loaves quickly.
  • Add the gums and yeast just before you make your loaf, not to any 'mixes' you'll store.  They don't like air exposure and won't work as well.
  • I mix my wet ingredients separately and thoroughly.  When I make multiple loaves I mix separate containers for each loaf.
  • Doubling the recipe is not recommended.
  • Timing is everything: in mixing and in baking.  Experiment for yourself.  I'm happier with a darker loaf and a firmer, drier middle than a paler loaf and moist middle. Over 200F in the middle is optimal. Under will be soggier.
  • Slice it after cooling and put in the freezer.  Take out just what you'll use in a couple days.  I've never had it mold, even in a week. When I make multiple loaves I freeze them whole.
  • Failures make good breadcrumbs!
*My changes to the original recipe. Expandex is modified tapioca starch bought on the internet, supposed to help GF breads rise.  Psyllium powder can be bought @ Whole Foods type stores in the digestive area; use Metamucil as a substitute. Combination of Expandex, gums and psyllium mimics gluten.

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