Monday, December 27, 2004

Of all the World's Ills...

The one which I feel can be conquered, in the short run, most easily, is corruption. Most cultures at least give lip service to knowing it is wrong. Many have serious legal consequences for it. However, like litter, it abounds. It is expected in 'Third World Countries', and even in second tier countries, such as Mexico. If instances of corruption could be lowered (never hope for elimination) the world's economy would be boosted dramatically.
Compare Canada and Mexico. Mexico tolerates corruption; Canada doesn't. Mexico has more natural resources, but lags economically. Canada is a stable economy which has a higher standard of living. The main difference is corruption. Mexicans work as hard individually as Canadians. Or would if the had the economy to employ them. How many economic refugees from Canada do we have?
A case could be made that it is the differences in the basic cultures. Culture as a whole is hard to change, but the piece of Mexico's Spanish culture that tolerates corruption could be changed. Not all Spanish cultures tolerate corruption. Corruption is not a central part of that culture.

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