Monday, December 27, 2004

There but for...

the grace of God go we. The Tsunami could have been a fire, or other catastrophe, here or at your home.
We must savor the eternal 'Now'. We are promised no more than this moment.
When you go out in the cold, and feel it's bite, think of all those before you who had no hope of warmth, who had no hope of warm food. Read "Gulag Archipelago" or account of the work camps in WW II. Savor what you have, work so you can keep it, help someone else achieve it.
The only thing that you can never be deprived of, by others, is your mind. And the quality of your mind is due to genetics and education. The thing that can take you away from your troubles is your mind's work...imagination. With that, your imagination, fueled by your education, you can be free even in prison. Nelson Mandela proved it. Read 'Pappillion', about a french prisoner who swam from the French Prison Island, Devil's Island, after long terms in solitary.

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