Thursday, January 20, 2005

Home Life

Watching Michael Vick, of the Atlanta Falcons, is as interesting as watching Tiger Woods in his early years, or Pele, at his peak. It makes me say “How does he do that?” in wonder. Rarely a misstep.
Football is interesting when Vick is quarterback, just as Golf is only interesting when Woods is hitting into either greens or spectators. Tell me when Vick has the ball, I’ll watch then.
The weather has turned cold, after so many weeks of unseasonable warmth. The boys came and worked on more winterizing tasks. They flushed the tractor radiator and took the antifreeze to town so it won’t be tempting to our animals. They also fixed the door to the greenhouse so Pat, the old birddog can get to the warmth of the light I have pointed at his bed and the warmth of the greenhouse light ballasts. Pat shivers with cold from his age and lack of an undercoat.
I am very lucky to have CC come after school and do all these things that I either can’t do or don’t know how to do. He is interested enough now to suggest plants to put in certain spots, or things that will need to be done in the spring. It’s more expensive than a maid, but more useful, too. Today he brought J., who’s very knowledgeable about engines and they are fearless in changing gaskets and plugs, etc., though they are learning that everything takes longer than it looks like it should, and is much messier than you ever thought. Luckily the tractor is a fairly simple engine to work on and it’s pretty hard to mess up, or I’d be afraid to let them work on it. After all, I have to remind myself, they are beginning mechanics. When I saw all the tools, and mess in the shed I had to remember that they are also still kids! But having them around is as joyful as having new puppies. Macks, big boy dog, is soooo happy to see CC that you’d think CC was paid to play with him, and that’s not a bad idea!
Now that the corn syrup buckets are opened, thanks to the boys, I can clean them up and start some cold tolerant plants such as spinach and cole crops, maybe broccoli. If we’re going to keep the greenhouse warm enough for Pat we can use it to grow stuff. Sam is happy at the thought of things growing.
Ann came with some sourdough bread, so I fell off the wagon for a bit. I have really had to talk tough to myself, and even give in a little to the demon urge to eat. St Augustine and I have a lot in common, but his problem was carnal and my cravings are carnivorous. Still, the devil whispers, nay, shouts, in my brain: Eat, you’ll feel better. That’s a lie. Now, to convince my body.
Sam feels that his ability to walk is improved from the last IVIg. I have to trust his observations, since I can’t tell. The bill came, and had been turned down by Medicare. We’ll see if Tricare pays their 80%. Otherwise Sam may have to do a cost/benefit analysis. IVIg is not cheap.

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