Sunday, January 23, 2005

Macks and I are trying to communicate. Training/Learning is happening all the time and I'm hoping that the result will be a happy, well-adjusted dog who knows some actions that can be triggered by words or gestures. He is a willing subject, wanting to act in a way that gets approval. I am inconsistent, often unknowingly, and have other things to do that distract me from the time needed to work with him. I am facing the fact that this may be a longer term project than I expected
The agility training, with Vicki King, is interesting, and I suspect that Macks would be really good at it if I were to put the time in. There are people who devote their lives to this! I'm afraid that's not for me.
The obedience training, given by Dog Obedience Training Confederation of Lynchburg (DOTC), is also interesting. They will take you through to the competitive obedience trials. I can't see myself doing that either, though I wouldn't mind someone else working with Macks to do it. I have no ambition to go into the ring.
For ourselves, We really only want an obedient dog. Macks is low key enough for us, but we need to have him come when called, etc.
There are many ways of training, and all work, if you are consistent. Karla subscribes to the positive, behavior modification type training, especially using the clicker. This suits me, but I despair of accomplishing it.

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