Thursday, May 25, 2006

CC's Reward

CC saw them go: a swarm from one of the hives we put a virgin queen into the yesterday. We went out and had to wait until they'd clustered. CC cut the tree so it gently toppled, so gently that I held the Nuc box up to the swarm and they fell and ran into the box. We brushed the few remaining into it, partially closed it up on the ground, and watched them fan the news to the stragglers. CC will take them home this morning as his reward. His grin says it all: a very happy guy.

This will give his Grandfather, who can't walk well, another thing to watch. Most days he drives out to the cow pasture and sits in his truck watching his cows. He used to keep bees, so this will give him great pleasure. CC loves his Grandpa hugely.

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