Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Garden! It's HUGE!

What we'll do with the produce I can't imagine. The Food Pantry may want some. I'm already planning next summer's garden; it's MUCH smaller! My co-gardener is ecstatic; she thinks having 100+ tomato plants is great.

Since I last posted we've been blessed with a sweet, felicitous arrival: Felix. He's already growing well, thanks to his sweet Mommies.

I spent a long weekend with the wonderful nieces in DC, dallied in Charlottesville while Sam got his Immunoglobulin infusions, worked the plants sale for Heart of Virginia Festival, and worked in the garden and greenhouse. The boys, CC & BC, have been invaluable, since I can give them a list of tasks and trust them to do them expeditiously. They worked while I was away. BC caught about 4 swarms, and CC & I caught three, one twice. We had to let one go, since it was too high in the tree for us. If I were younger, and a normal weight, I'd have been up the tree. The boys used the front-end loader, the ladders and the saws to catch the swarms. I need a telescoping pole with a bucket attached to get those high ones.

I pick GT up in DC on Mother's Day. What a wonderful gift!

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Beca said...

I think it's wonderful that you have 100+ tomato plants too!
I have 3(three) tomato plants. =/

I can't wait until I can have a larger garden!