Thursday, July 20, 2006

Family Man

My brother is the ultimate 'Family Man'. He and his wife, Barbara, are willing to work hard to keep together a widely spread group of people who are kin through marriage and blood.
Their kindness and generosity were demonstrated this month by a 'Howton-Harman Fun in the Sun' reunion in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. They rented 22 condos! We all flew in, from California, Great Britain, etc. and had a GREAT time, thanks to their thoughtfulness.
The highlight was seeing the children, especially the babies, and seeing how they have grown. Such beautiful children!
I also got to meet some of my SIL's family; they are as nice as I expected. Maybe in the future we can get to know each other even better. All their kids were nice; their son Tony is just back from a tour in Ramadi, and talking to him was a delight. Daughter Allie kept all the smaller children occupied by playing in the pool with them: Kudos to Allie!


The Schlosser's said...

Oh, how I would have loved to been able to visit all of you while in FL. I truly enjoyed all the photos! Miss you. Love, Angie

gwin said...

ur readers are sad that there are no new, ur daughter

The Schlosser's said...

Yes, I agree with ur daughter. I keep checking to see what is new. :) Love, Angie