Sunday, October 01, 2006

Unlimited but not Instant

Our hot water heater rusted out (3 in 15 years) so we've replaced it with a tankless, on demand hot water system, a Rinnai 2532, which is proving to be a real improvement. Reviews of tankless systems were mixed. As long as you don't expect them to be 'instant' hot water systems you won't be disappointed. With our high mineral, acid water I figure the copper heating container/element will need replacing sooner than estimated. Unlimited hot water is a boon. We'll connect the upstairs and the basement apartment hot water systems and no longer have to turn on the apartment hot water when we have company. That alone will save $100+ a year. Changing from an electric 66 gallon tank to the propane on demand will save some, too. Don't know how much, since I had that on a timer, 8 hours a day. Since I have lots of hot water I'm using it more, especially for washing clothes and longer showers. You can chose any temperature setting, so you don't have to dilute with cold water. We're keeping it at 120 degrees since I like hot showers. The come with remotes that will set each user's hot water temperature, so you can be sure children don't get scalded, but the washer gets really hot water. Computers!

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becasunshine said...

How very cool! We've been interested in tankless water systems too. Lehman's catalogue has a couple of sytems. We were looking at them over dinner. I'd love to come see yours!