Friday, November 10, 2006

Do you see it? Tell me if you do.

I hope you can see the little honeybee cursor. I'm trying to find one that looks more realistic and leaves a little dotted line behind it as it moves. I saw that on a beekeeping blog, which I can't find again. I'll experiment. This little bee is courtesy of Thanks Bigoo!


The Schlosser's said...

I love the bee cursor - I noticed it right away...the trail of dots reminds me of that 80s Bill Cosby show where he wrote with a bee pen that did the same.

I concur about voting. It always gives me chills and reminds me how grateful I am to be an American.

gwin said...

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! Love, your daughter

The Schlosser's said...

Happy Belated Bday Susi! Hope it was full of smiles! Love, Angie