Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Poll Worker

Yesterday I worked at the Lockett District Poll. What a lovely way to meet my neighbors. I saw folks come in straight from a hard day's work, some covered with mud, dairy farm dirt, dead tired, some in starched shirts and suits, many mothers with children in tow, several sets of teens, supporting each other in their first vote.
When I told them about our new touch screen machines, most were attentive, even some who dislike 'computer stuff'. They wanted to be sure their vote counted, and were willing to make an extra effort to do it right. We had almost 3/4 of the registered voters come out on a cold rainy day. Each of the parties (R, D, I) had groups outside in the cold all day.
No one argued, complained, or otherwise disturbed the solemn proceeding. When I thanked them for their vote they smiled and spoke of duty, pride and obligation. We had three referendums on the ballot, which many voters stood and read in detail and discussed at length to understand and vote on.
Jefferson would have been proud to see them working hard to be good voters.
I am certainly proud.

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Beca said...

We always took our boys with us on election day. Often we were dead tired after our work day, as were the boys after school and daycare, but it was a worthwhile family exercise.

We'd go out to dinner as a family afterwards. We'd go to a simple, inexpensive restaurant. It was a treat on a weeknight, and gave us an opportunity to talk with the kids about voting.

I am pleased to say that both of our boys vote regularly and have since they were eligible.

We have political discussions, sometimes lively. I make it a practice never to ask for whom they cast their votes. If they tell me, great, but I don't prod or snoop. Private ballot is private ballot, even among family. :)

I love election day. I always have. I've been known to get a little misty eyed while waiting in line to cast my vote.

It's that important.