Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Much Water Under the Bridge: Where to start?

  • Sam's had a heart valve replaced and is still in the local rehabilitation center regaining his strength. I'm at a loss without him; like a rudderless boat.
  • I'm down to 6 hives, and may lose one of those, due to my neglect of them during last Fall's drought.
  • BG has planted the spring garden... with her wages I'd be waaaaay ahead buying on the retail market!
  • Against all odds, GT was matched to the Medical College of Richmond, VA and will be a Resident there for 3 years. We are thrilled they see so much promise in her. She has worked very hard to get the priviledge of working harder!
  • The single woman who rented the Bondurant House ( got a chance to move, and we are hoping that the lovely couple who just looked at it will move in mid-April, on a five year lease. 
  • It's a good thing we upgraded the house when we did; we couldn't afford it today, due to the added costs of shipping. 
  • Our utility bills are the same, despite the drop in usage, due to fuel cost increases.
  • Macks, our beautiful German Shepherd adds to our pleasure every day. He charms everyone he meets with his calm demeanor and lovely manners.
  • We watch the Nieces and Grand-children grow daily; wait for the new crop to emerge, and... 
  • We count our Blessings every day.

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The Schlosser's said...

What a nice update. You and Sam are in our prayers! I'm looking forward to seeing you in May. Love, Angie