Saturday, April 30, 2005

Raised Gardening Beds in Progress

CC built ten raised beds 12x6 feet and lined with 5 mil plastic on the sides and rat wire in the bottom. We've filled them with really good composted soil from my multiple soil storage and compost places. I have two full enough to plant and am working on the third. RB is due sometime soon to fill the rest with good fertile dirt from the upper garden and some donated rotted horse manure from a friend. I hope to have them in production by May 15th.
I used a day's work from BG to plant all the seeds I had backlogged in the greenhouse. We also made lots of cuttings of the tomato plants that were getting leggy. Then I forgot to open the greenhouse door and almost cooked the cuttings! They look likely to survive. I need to put a fan in there to stir the air and discourage damp off. If they all come up I will have alot of work to do!

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