Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina Disaster Blame

Once folks see the event's timeline and focus on the communication problem they will, hopefully, stop pointing fingers. Each person in the situation was acting on the information in front of him and assuming that others had full knowledge, which they didn't.

In Sept 04, after Ivan tested the N.O. Evacuation Plan and disaster response the local authorities were supposed to correct the plans. Unfortunately, they forgot. Food, water, security all were supposed to be planned for, but weren't. Wait to place blame until you see the actual timeline of Who Knew What & When. Bet you it'll be that local officials ASS-U-ME-d that someone else was doing "That".

Remember the airliner that crashed into the ground while the whole crew tried to change a lightbulb. They all assumed that the auto-pilot was doing it's job. They all died, along with hundreds of innocents. The black box recorded the crew's argument, all the way to the ground.

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