Thursday, September 01, 2005


There are those who are morally bereft. Upbringing, emotional shortcomings, personalities, etc. are some of the causes. Asking governments or schools to mitigate the causes, or restructure the society that engenders them is like swatting flies with a wreaking ball. Communism, and to an extent Democratic Socialism, has tried: No good results.

Unfortunately, the "Big Easy" has attracted this kind of people, and we are seeing them acting like the uncivilized animals they are. Less visible are the damages they cause daily, by preying on more civil people and the weak.

We are seeing only the surface damage when we see looters: worse damage is deeper in the fabric of society, and it is a worldwide problem - A Human Problem. It is the way people act who have not been socialized by their parents and community to behave in "proper" Human ways

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Angie said...

Susi - I thought you would find this interesting. This is from an email we just got from one of the single mothers who adopted in Kazakhstan and now lives in LA.

"Luckily, the hurricane did not seriously affect Baton Rouge. All of my family is fine. It's a terrible situation, though, because so many people have family and friends in New Orleans. One of my good friends last heard from his father and brother on Monday when they were in their attic as the water was rising in their house. The latest problem here in Baton Rouge is violence from the refugees. We just heard that the city government buildings, which are next door to the Centroplex where refugees are housed, were closed because of violence at the Centroplex. We're not far away and were told that we couldn't leave the building. The SWAT team was sent in and supposedly the situation is under control. The situation in New Orleans is far worse. People are shooting at rescue helicopters, ambulances, and boats. It's like a war zone. Bush needs to send in the military. In my view, the response from the federal government has been woefully inadequate. The FBI actually turned down a request from State Police to help provide security for the rescue operation because the situation is too dangerous!!! This is just unbelievable."

Sounds like they need help down there! Good luck with all of your gardening! Love, AS