Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Rest of the Disaster: Mississippi and Texas

On both sides of the Louisiana borders are towns and neighborhoods that are pulling themselves up toward civilization. They have pitched tents in yard clearings, or are driving in from less damaged areas to clear and rebuild their lives. Some are lucky enough to have jobs, still, and have to balance work and cleaning, clearing and reconstruction. Others are selling what's left - as is, where is - to the Real Estate Investors buying up land for the casinos and construction companies who have deep pockets. Whether you sell or rebuild depends on how deep your pockets are, mostly. If you have, or can get a good line of credit and have a construction crew available you probably will rebuild. Construction guys are flocking down to that area, but matching needed workers with companies will be the crux of the solution. The guys at DirectNIC ( are thinking of setting up a matching service. I hope they do, since I think they'd do it well.


A.Run said...

hey Susi,

I can't imagine what it's like for victims of Katrina and Rita. My prayer is that God moves in a big way to get them back on their feet,

Sorry about the long wait. My blog is back up and running.

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything against New Orleans; I love the place. But after spending two weeks helping in the relief effort on the Mississippi coast, I continue to marvel that New Orleans is getting all the publicity, but the real destruction is along the coast where the storm surge just wiped everything clean. One of the network news programs used Waveland as a base for last night's broadcast; good for them and I hope that the word continues to get out that New Orleans isn't the only place with destruction.