Thursday, October 06, 2005

Volunteer Heroes

Cliff Morrow's Blog ( tells about the local Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) saving his crop when a spark set off the dry foliage in a field. And then the local insurance agent heard about it and filed a claim before he could start it himself! Small Towns are wonderful. The Hurricane victims are finding out about that!

My comment on
Here in Mid-VA, Rice, VA, it's the same. Small towns are the glue that holds the country together. Local high school boys become heroes when they join the VFD. At close by Hampden-Sydney College the Local VFD is manned by college students, who are excused from class to answer the fire horn. Many find local jobs so they can man the VFD during the summer! Every year there is an EMT class that requires many hours of work and study, but the boys happily take that on in addition to their studies. The HSCVFD has won competitions, too. Volunteer Fire Departments are working clubs, tightknit groups of friends helping neighbors. And the Rescue Squad!! WOW! I know a local lawyer who spends more time running and working the Squad than practicing law!

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