Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Booger & Fuzz-Butt

The Cat Boys, Booger & Fluff-butt, are sleeping off their encounter with my brother-in-law's knife. Most men flinch when they think about what our baby boys had done... You guessed it! They'll be Muuuuch calmer in the future! Gooooood boys. They come home tomorrow!

When Fuzz came home from Daisy's he fit back into the house, licking Macks, sparring with his brother in rolling fights all over the house.

By this morning, after a night of fun, they were best friends.

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Cliff Morrow said...

Hi Susi, thanks for the visit. If you have the page in front of you, that you want to link to, simply 'copy' the address from your address bar and at the top of your compose window there is a link icon. (looks like a frog with glasses)
Now Highlight the word you want to link to, click on the link to icon, and paste in your address. Even old farmers can do this so you'll have no problem. If you left a link on that comment, I didn't get it.
Anyway, nice blog here.
We get rent honey from a man who has hives on the place. I see in the store they wanted $19 for a quart of honey. Is that inflated or the value now? I shall return.