Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Beds in Progress

RB came and finished filling the raised beds. He says there are at least two, maybe three tandem dump truck loads left to bring. He'll get his new dump trailer and/or a manure spreader to haul out the rest.

Sam may want to spread it over his corn and squash growing areas. It kills me to use it that way, but it will really boost those areas, which are orange clay now.

I've started planting the tomatoes and CC showed me how to make big cages out of the large-hole welded wire fencing. He makes it look easy. I'll try my hand at it when I finish the planting and look in on the bees again. The tomatoes look so tiny spaced out for their full growth. I'll have four beds of tomatoes... almost 50 plants. I guess I'll can tomatoes this year! And give them away. And give them to my bee buddy who sells produce. If we have good weather. Last year was so wet everybody's tomatoes rotted.

I need to test and then lime the tomatoes and put down a sprinkler hose and heavy newspaper mulch to eliminate weeds. Lots more work, but then I can sit back and enjoy.

The greenhouse seedlings are about half sprouted. I had to put the shades on because of the heat buildup, but it still gets warm. I'm hoping the lettuce won't be too late for the cool weather, but...

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