Monday, May 09, 2005

Macks and Amelia's

Those who've looked at the archives know how much I love my German Shepherd Macks. Well, we have SEVEN cats, too. The Alpha Cat, the Number One Cat, 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' is Amelia, the smallest female cat. She is tailess (by birth), de-clawed and mostly grey, with white feet, white tummy and mostly white face. She prevails by stealth and cunning, ambushing the larger cats from behind doors, etc. She is fearless... and fast!
The Day The Dog Came was a terrible day for the cat population who reside in the house. They retreated upstairs to our daughter Susan's room and sat at the top of the stairs waiting for THAT BEAST to leave. He didn't. He not only stayed, but he stayed in their sitting room with their people.
Time went on.
Only Amelia came down. Gradually she has acclimated Macks to her presence, hiding under furniture and putting her soft paws on his nose when he gets too close. He's a very smart, calm dog. She's a very smart, persistent cat. I watch her train him daily.
Right now he will lick her and she will roll over on her back and get him to snuffle her tummy. They seem to be comfortable together. Amazing.

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