Friday, May 13, 2005

Hot Mama's Happy!

Lord! It was really hot yesterday. The paper says it was 86F, but in the sun it burned. I have a farmer's tan to prove it. Sitting in the shade with Macks at my feet and a cold glass of water in my hot hand was BLISS. I thought of the scene in one of the 'Godfather' movies where Don Corleone sits in his garden, among his tomatoes with a grandchild: He chases the giggling toddler through the hot summer garden and drops dead of a heart attack. Dead amidst his happiest time and place. The old murderer truly didn't get the death he deserved, but he got one I'd prefer. The older I get and the more lingering painful deaths I see the more merciful a quick heart attack seems. Dear me, how did I go from bliss in the garden to that? Forgive me my meandering.

We had a huge thunderstorm at almost dark yesterday. I took the opportunity to work in the greenhouse until the rain let up. It was a gully-washer. Of course it put water in the basement again, too. We really need to tear out the wood part of that wall and stop those leaks. I have that to tend to this AM, before the bees.

I aim to spend most of the day in the bees, since it will be a reasonable 69F. I need to release the queens and use push in cages for the ones that haven't been in them yet. I haven't fed yet, since there is a nectar flow, but there are some small hives that may need help(either a pollen patty or syrup), either to thrive, or to draw comb. I have 75# of sugar that should be made into syrup just in case. Rather than using the kitchen I'll use that outdoor grill with a burner to boil the water and make 2 parts sugar to One part water syrup. I can dilute it later, or use it for winter feed. It won't sugar out in the summer heat, but won't sour of go 'off' like thinner syrup will. Basically I just need to look at the bees. Some might (hope!) need more room.

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will said...

I'm so glad to hear from other beekeepers, thanks for leaving a comment. hope you do well with your hives too.

the basics of beekeeping are the same anywhere in the world, the only thing that differs is weather, seasons, flora sources and perhaps the beekeepers prefrences. i look forward to reading more about your bees, thank you.