Sunday, May 15, 2005

Good Girl, Susi !! Woof! Woof!

I'm going to church instead of communing with the Lord in the bees. Oh Well, you know where I'd rather be. I bet I lose a swarm because of this. :-( I'll skip out of Services, though and go to Wallie Mart World and do the two cart thing while most of the folks are occupied in church. Most folks go to church around here, so I can bank on WM to be empty, stocked up and have cashiers ready for the after church shoppers. That mean I can't get to the girls until late (80F & showery).

I'm hoping that my Dau, in the Caribbean had a good party on the boat yesterday. It's a tough life, but with some benefits!

Yesterday I took a 7 year old girl into some small nucs with me. She was in the children's bee-suit and well duct taped up, but nervous. I showed her how to take deep breathes and purse her lips to defuse the tension and she relaxed, enjoying poking the workers who had their heads in the cells. The girl bees act surprised and run off. We saw a big queen and I showed her the big bumbling drones who don't sting. Afterward she helped pick lettuce and played with a drone. A real delight!

Then I went to Bee Buddy's bee meeting covered dish party. Told them the news about bees from the Internet and ate too much. Brought two groups back and then went back to help clean up. Took Macks who evoked whistles from all who saw him. He was so well behaved that most folks asked 'Where did you get him?'. Got home too late and realized I hadn't told Poor Hubby where we were. Bad Girl, Susi!! Whine....

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